Support Our Candidates


DeKalb is blessed to have several Republican candidates who need your support.  Listed below are the candidates and their contact information.  Please reach out to one or more of these candidates and offer to assist them in their campaign(s) to represent YOU!

Andrea Johnson, Candidate for HD79
Andrea Johnson Candidate for HD79

Andrea Johnson is running for State House District 79.

House District 79 deserves positive and unifying representation that will keep Dunwoody, Chamblee, and Sandy Springs the best places in Georgia to raise a family, have a career, and live a great life. My conduct in office will always be to serve you.

Andrea is a member of the North DeKalb Republican Women, the DeKalb Young Republicans and the DeKalb Republican Party.

Contact information:
(770) 728-8734


Hubert Owens Candidate for HD93

Hubert Owens is running for State House District 93.

District 93 needs a leader that respects & represents all constituents regardless of party affiliation. Representation that will pass common sense legislation to keep our communities safe & secure. A person that respects & supports parent’s rights to chose the best education options for their children.

I am a husband, father and Army combat veteran. Count on me to fight for the residents of District 93 at the Gold Dome!

Hubert is a member of the DeKalb Republican Party and the DeKalb Young Republicans.

Contact information:


Garry Guan
Candidate for SD40

Garry Guan is running for State Senate District 40.

I wish to bring a fresh view, a new perspective, and a new voice to the state legislature to the table with a better understanding of our diverse citizens of the state.

I wish to bring civility to politics in the state legislature by willing to listen and giving consideration of the views and opinions across the aisle and building bi-partisan consciences and collaborations to serve the citizens of this great state.

I wish to provide easier access to our government for our diverse citizens. I will always be accessible with my mobile numbers and direct emails published to the public. With the pro bono convenience of my language service business, even non-English speaking citizens would no longer facing barriers of communications to their government.

Garry is a member of the DeKalb Republican Party.


William Freeman Candidate for SD41

William Freeman is running for State Senate District 41

William Freeman is an Army Veteran, who lives in Stone Mountain, GA.  He attended Druid Hills High School and studied at Georgia State University. 

William is a member of the DeKalb Republican Party.

Contact information:
(404) 667-1993


Melanie Williams Candidate for SD43

Melanie Williams is running for State Senate District 43.

Melanie Williams was born in Gainesville, Georgia. She attended Oral Roberts University, Columbia Southern University, and Savannah State University for undergraduate study. Her professional experience includes working as a realtor and in multi-family property management.

Melanie is your candidate for change! She is ready to work hard and dedicate her efforts in making sure your concerns are heard. Melanie is a strong advocate for Humans Rights and Social Justice. Melanie is a product of a second chance. Her platform for will help millions of first time offenders get a second chance on voting, housing, and employment rights. Melanie’s is determined for Pre-K, K-12 students, making sure their education is supreme, and the state, national standardizing testing is fair. Every child deserves an quality education.

Contact information:


Benjamin Brooks is running for State Senate District 44.

Benjamin Brooks is a Constitutionalist, human rights activist and non-profit leader. He is a licensed realtor and has been a paralegal for more than 20 years. Mr. Brooks is a student of the Constitution and believes that the foundation of a free society rest upon constitutional liberties. What is a society if its people are bound in bondage?

Since 2003, while under the mentorship of Mel Jackson, Founder and President of the Leadership Training Institute (LTI), civil rights activist and community leader, Mr. Brooks has served communities through employment or partnerships with community organizations.  Benjamin Brooks Bio

Contact information:
P.O. Box 178, Red Oak, GA 30078


Harold Dennis Candidate for DeKalb County Sheriff

Harold Dennis is running for DeKalb County Sheriff.

I ask you to allow me the opportunity to continue my philosophy of public service in building a sound and responsive Sheriff’s Office.

    • I will increase police presence in the community as other counties have done by providing officers take-home vehicles which will save taxpayer money.
    • I will continue to improve relationships between the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office and various agencies in DeKalb.
    • Working co-cooperatively with DeKalb County’s court system to ensure timely and efficient processing of detainees in the most cost-effective manner.
    • Initiating job training programs and continuing education and substance abuse programs for county jail inmates thus producing productive citizens less likely to return to criminal activity.
    • Acquiring federal funds to facilitate an aggressive program for our children to help them resist gang involvement, and drug use.
    • I will activate community involvement.
    • I will implement an open door policy for the citizens of DeKalb to interact with the Sheriff’s Office.